Moonstruck from Luz Batista on Vimeo.


heres sarsler and I’s film Moonstruck

Hope you guys like it <3
thank you everyone who supported and helped us on this baby.
this was so much fun to work on.

You guys! It’s been a couple of months since we finished, but Luz and I are finally able to share our thesis film, Moonstruck! We began working on this in August of last year and finished in April. 9 months! So this is basically our baby. We’re both so happy with how it turned out, and we had so much fun working on it, especially in the final few months. We hope you enjoy it and pass it along! Thanks so much to everyone who helped us out along the way! 


Animation by Luz Batista

Backgrounds and production design by Sarah Sloyer

Original music by Amie Doherty

Additional effects animation by Lissi Leuterio

Some sneak peeks of Luz’s and my thesis film, Moonstruck. I can’t believe the year is over but it’s been so much fun and we’re both so happy with how our film turned out! 

More thesis backgrounds! I need some more ideas for silly space-themed posters in this kid’s room, as you can probably tell by the blank ones on the wall. So if you have any suggestions, I’m open… Just saying. (Seriously, please send me some.)

Obligatory amigurumi post! I’ve been lucky enough to have my fawn and duck patterns included in the latest iteration of the Zoomigurumi series, and it goes on pre-sale today! It has 15 great new patterns in it, you can buy the PDF for $16.95 or buy both the PDF and the paperback version together for $22. 

Like all the previous Zoomigurumi books, this one includes comprehensive crochet instructions and stitch explanations for beginners. Whether you’re already familiar with crocheting or you’re new to it, this is a great book to have and it’s well worth the purchase. Joke (the owner of Amigurumipatterns and the creator of the books) always does such a beautiful job putting these books together and this new one is no exception. I’m so grateful for all the hard work she does and I feel very fortunate to have my patterns included in a book with such talented people!